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Authentic Organic Dominican Cocoa Paste- Pure Cacao Balls- Doña Lidia

Authentic Organic Dominican Cocoa Paste- Pure Cacao Balls- Doña Lidia

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Experience the Richness of Organic Dominican Cocoa Paste

Experience the pure essence of cocoa with our 100% Natural Cocoa Liquor - Pure Cacao Balls, a culinary treasure straight from the fertile lands of Monte Plata, Dominican Republic. Each cacao ball is an artisanal masterpiece, handcrafted by our dedicated female producers, who infuse every step of their creation with passion and generational knowledge.

At Cacao Doña Lidia, we take pride in offering a cocoa liquor that is the very definition of purity. Made exclusively from premium Dominican cocoa beans, this product contains no added sugar, colorants, or preservatives. It is cocoa in its most authentic and rich form, guaranteeing an intense flavor and an aromatic profile that only the finest cocoa can provide.

Ideal for chocolatiers, chefs, and chocolate enthusiasts seeking a superior quality ingredient, our cocoa liquor is perfect for a variety of culinary applications. From crafting exquisite chocolates and decadent desserts to creating rich cocoa sauces and beverages, these cacao balls offer unmatched versatility and flavor.

By choosing our Cocoa Liquor, you are supporting not just an exceptional culinary experience, but also a community of hardworking women who are the heart of our sustainable and ethical cocoa production


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