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Cacao Doña Lidia

Fermented Organic Cacao Beans - Premium Quality by Cagemi SRL

Fermented Organic Cacao Beans - Premium Quality by Cagemi SRL

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Why choose our Fermented Organic Cacao Beans?

Discover excellence in every bean with our Naturally Dried and Fermented Cocoa Beans, a superior quality product offered by Cagemi SRL, the renowned cocoa exporting company from Monte Plata, Dominican Republic. These cocoa beans are not just an ingredient; they are a sensory experience that elevates any culinary or chocolate creation.

Harvested in the rich lands of the Dominican Republic, our beans undergo a carefully controlled fermentation process, followed by natural drying that ensures the preservation of their complex aromas and flavors. This meticulous attention to every stage of the process is what guarantees the exceptional quality of our beans.

Backed by organic and fair trade certifications for the United States and Europe, each purchase of our cocoa beans represents a commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. By choosing Cagemi SRL, you are not only getting a product of the highest quality, but also supporting the agricultural communities of Monte Plata and promoting a positive environmental impact.

Perfect for chocolatiers, chefs, and cocoa enthusiasts who seek authenticity and sustainability, our Naturally Dried and Fermented Cocoa Beans are the ideal choice for those who value both the quality of the product and its responsible origin.

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